Istvan – from Hungary


We have an originally two (but ended in 4) day trip in February with Ishanka. 6 persons,very good and new Toyota minivan. 1st day from Matara trough whale watching in Mississa and visiting Galle fort,and arrived to Bentota. He was very nice,he bargained for us a better price for boat than we thought we have. After we realised we leave the scuba diving equipment in matara hotel ,but he brought us back just to help, without extra cost. Second day he showed us a small but excellent gem mine which we would like to see, but sure we couldn’t find it without his help. During buying some masks he also help with us to have rational prices. In the Cunami museum all hugged each other to give positive energy and encouragement. We start to feel that we find not just a driver but a really good friend. This night four of our friends went back to Europe. Two of us, me + a lady stayed, without fixed programme. So we go to a place where the restaurant is made by a European lady and a local guy together, this was good idea,small and not fancy,but cuisine mixed with European tastes,it was really nice. We rented two room here. Ishanka next day evening and day after next day also come to visit us,just to ask how we are feeling ourselves,can he help something. I asked him to please show me a local school, and a place where we can release small turtles. He showed me excellent places. He is very good driver. The beginning of our tour we have different driver,the end part was with him, so we can compare. Ishanka’s driving skills are excellent. And his friendly and helpful nature really make our stay gold. And his style is also very nice,we feel him as one of our friends. We not feeling any cultural differences,he is modern guy. During driving he don’t talk to much,he concentrate on the road. It feels very safely. But after, when we get out, we have very good talks. I can not recommend even more him,just the highest level I can speak about our experience.