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Pinnawala elephant orphanage. In this governmental conservation project, the ill, old, abandoned baby elephants are kept to ensure them good conditions, healing, two times 2 hours bathing in river, etc. The herd goes to the river at 14.00 p.m., stay there until around 15.30. Hence, the tourists can not go among the herd, if you want, we can also visit another elephant foundation, where you can ride elephant, and go to the little river and wash the elephants and see them more closer. After we we go up to northeast, to Dambulla. [Night: Dambulla1]



In the morning we the visit of Polonnaruwa ancient city. The major attraction is an archeological park withthe ruins of the ancient city of, a World Heritage Site. Its masterful stone carvings, palace complexes, and temples dating back to the 11th century testify to splendor and grandeur of the former kingdom.

If you want, and have time, at noon you can go to a village safari program. where we go to the lake area on bull cart, after go through a nice lake with waterlilies and arrive to farmers houses, this mud houses has simple environment, ladies show how traditional farmers make their plantations, foods, they make a coconut sambol and herbal tea for the guests.

We climb Sigiriya to watch the sunset from above. World Heritage-listed Sigiriya where the lava plug rock holds the ruins of an ancient empire. Built by King Kasyapa in the 5th century CE, the citadel that surrounds the main rock and its palace contains all the attractions. [Night Dambulla2]



We visit Dambulla, where we can watch the golden buddha statute and the rock cave temple monastery. Dambulla is Unesco Heritage Site, fascinating underground world of cave temples with thousands of statutes.

On the way to Kandy, we can stop for visiting an ayurvedic spice garden, where introducing the healing plants, natural oils and powders for nonchemical medical treatment and give a short massage (free) as try for the famous Ayurveda massage.

Visiting of Matala temple. You can visit a batik factory, where ladies making batique textiles with hand painting.

The daily worship in the inner chamber of the Kandy tooth relic temple is at 18 p.m the drums starts to call the religious people to praying and lighting the candles we visiting the Buddha’s sacred tooth relic temple [Night in Kandy1].



You can take a morning walk at the exotic Peradeniya botanical garden. Afternoon we can watch some world famous products and ancient craftmanships. Example we can visit a wood carving factory in Kandy, where you can watch the processing of masks, statutes, furnitures. You can visit gem museum. You can watch the ksndy view from the viewpoint, after we can watch the Kandy dancers and fire eaters show and folcloric dance event at 16.50. [Night in Kandy2].



We are heading to the hill county. First stop is to visit Ramboda falls. We visit a tea factory and tea plantation where they explain tea making process and can have tea degustation. After you can take the 15.00 train from Nanu Oya to go by a scenic train journey to Ella. [Night in Ella1]



The pleasant temperatures make the scenery surrounding Ella particularly lush and diverse, with cloud forests and tea plantations. In the morning, we visit the 9 arch bridge. Afternoon we visit Mini Adams Peak and we are visiting Ravana falls. [Night in Ella2]



Morning heading to visiting Buduruwagala stone carvings, after we take a Jeep safari at Udawalwe national park. You can watch bears, antelopes, dears, crocodiles, birds, monguses, elephants, buffalos. You can visit a snake farm, and you can take a short look to Koggala stick fishermen.

Drop off at your south beach hotel in the afternoon.